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About us

About us

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We were born in Napoli, Italy at the beginning of the XXI century, and we soon conquered a special attention for our style. We design and produce some of the more appreciated classical neapolitan - hand made - neckties. Our skill is the care in every little step of the creation and production of the tie, and a special focus on the mediterranean colors and lights.

Moreover, our artists silk scarves are a fresh, original and challenging project, and they even conquered an award from Fondazione Valenzi in Napoli as one of the more interesting new neapolitan projects. Some great musicians, an Oscar winner actress, and cool people from many countries love and collect them. Our goal is to work hard with our artists to choose interesting and cool artworks, good, at the same time, to became elegant and original silk scarves. Creating irresistible art design scarves is our goal: dress art, with elegance, and don't dress so obvious.

Silk is a natural fabric, and we dye it in Italy with japanese high quality tints. Many people cannot imagine how the silk is fresh in the summer and warm in the winter.

The same goal of absolute quality and fresh mediterranean elegance characterizes all our other products, such as pochettes, bow ties, ascots, scarves, both in the classic and in the more innovative collections.

We hope to give you the same joy, that we have when we create them, when you dress them: they may be your and our way to distinguish as somebody dynamic, positive and energetic.